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B and T Brittanys

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Welcome to our website! 

My name is Trasa and my husband's name is Brian, we are located near Cushing, OK.  When my husband and I first met we soon figured out we had something in common, which was we both loved hunting.  My husband and I both grew up with a passion for bird hunting.  Our first hunting season together we failed to recover all our birds, because we did not have dogs.  So Brian mentioned to me we should get our own bird dogs.  I starting researching bird dogs and I fell in love with brittanys.  I found that brittanys are  natural hunters, as well as great family dogs and of course, I thought they were pretty.  So, in 2003 we established B and T Brittanys and I followed my Grandfathers' and Great Grandfathers' legacy and decided to start raising and training my own bird dogs.  
We start our hunting season in Texas chasing the Blue Quail and Bobwhite Quail, then go north through Oklahoma and Kansas chasing the Bobwhite Quail and Ring Neck Pheasant.  In the off season I participate in AKC Hunt Tests to keep the dogs in shape and on birds.  It also helps me stay in shape and be ready for the next bird season. 

Our dogs are our children and each one of them is special to us.  We take pride in our dogs abilities to do anything we ask of them and in return our dogs strive to please us.

Ann (Trasa's Little Ann SH) is my pride and joy.  She has often been called a fireball in the field.  She was pointing and retrieving birds at 4 months old!!  Since then she has continued to improve and proven herself to be an awesome bird dog.  Ann has even outsmarted a few pheasants a time or two.  She is not only a bird dog, but a great companion.   Her loving personality has caused her many times to be mistaken for a house dog. 

Stick (B & T's Hot Rod SH ), Ann's brother and Brian's boy, is a head turner.  He has so much style and character in the field it is hard to take your eyes off him.  Stick has a lot of drive to hunt and will go all day long.  You always know when Stick is trailing a pheasant and confident he will put you on it.  He strives to please us in the field, as well as at home. 

Kaycee (B & T's Blazin Kaycee SH) is a sweatheart and quickly earned her spot in our hearts.  I have been told more than once Kaycee will surmise Ann.  When Kaycee is on point you can see the drive and determination in her eyes.  She has proven herself to be very smart and well on her way to being a Master Hunter.  She gets a lot of attention from her looks and her desire to please in the bird field..  She has proven herself to many she is bird dog and you will never lose a bird over. 

Sky (Trasa's Little Sky Dancer) is the twinkle in my eyes.  Sky has shown many traits of her mother, our Ann, and some traits of her father, Shadow Dancer.  She is full of love, has the desire to please, is very stylish and has the qualities of a show dog.  She is a very quick learner and at 4 months old was holding point, retrieving birds and showing natural honoring ability.  Sky is a treasure and we love her dearly. 

Bree (JW's Little Bree Dancer JH) is the newest member to our family.  When Bree was 8 weeks old I was trying to decide between her and Sky which one I was going to keep out of their litter.  Obviously, I chose Sky.  But when Bree was a year old we were given the opportunity to bring her back home.  Bree quickly became Brian's favorite of the girls. Bree was behind her sister Sky in training, but she has learned quickly and challenges her sister.  She has a lot of natural hunting ability and loves the challenge of pheasant hunting!!  Bree has earned a permanent place in our home.
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